Welcome September

Okay it’s September, can we talk about Halloween now?! Halloween-haters, you are not welcome here, please back away slowly.  As a first time mom, I am obsessing over what to dress Mason up as for his first Halloween! Yes, I know he wont remember and he will look cute in any costume, but I will for sure take around 500 photos so it has to be adorable. Now I am going to purposely not post the costume I picked for Mase because I want it to be a surprise, but for now lets take a look at some contenders….

Could these pottery barn costumes be any cuter?! They are pricey, ranging from $30-70, but I have noticed the quality really does seem higher than many cheaper options.

I was disappointed in Carter’s costumes for this year. In my browsing I saw some from previous years that were super cute. This year, I am not crazy about them. BUT the girl costumes are adorable. Check out the unicorn and monkey costumes! I wish they had a monkey version for boys. The best part, they are only $20!

Back to boy costumes. I surprised myself in how picky I am for a clothing item my son is only going to wear once, but then again its his FIRST Halloween and I want it to be special. I noticed a lot of the cheaper options were made of super shiny material. Although you can’t tell in their product images, the photos customers shared on Amazon showed how they really look. Another complaint customers shared is sizing problems. Lots of costumes were way too big for their babies. I definitely recommend checking reviews out before purchasing anything! Here is an assortment of some of my favorites I came across while shopping online:

Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest. I believe all or most are homemade, which means I will not even attempt them. Have you ever seen those “nailed it” posts where people try to recreate crafts from Pinterest and fail miserably? Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Anyway, these are all amazing. The porcupine is my personal favorite for a single child, but the labyrinth costumes are simply fantastic! The Labrinth has been my favorite movie since I was little, RIP David Bowie.

 Stay tuned to see what I picked out for Mason. I may or may not have purchased something to match 😉


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