This Mommy Life

I am a mommy!

Meet Mason aka Mase aka Monkey 😉

mason newborn

Words cannot express how happy this boy makes me. He was due January 3rd, but he seemed to know exactly what birth date he wanted. I went into labor on Friday, January 8th (Shawn’s birthday) and was still in labor Saturday, January 9th (My birthday), and Mase came Sunday, January 10th! I couldn’t have picked a more perfect date.

Here are some of my favorite photos 🙂

I am blessed with a very happy, goofy, sweet baby boy who also happens to be the cutest baby in the world. Yes I know, I am a little biased, but see for yourself! I have been taking monthly photos and Mr. Mason just hit the 4 month mark. Time is flying by way too fast, but he keeps getting more and more fun 🙂

 I enjoyed my time at home with this monkey, but my maternity leave ended and I recently started back at work. I am happy to have found a great in-home daycare for him where I know he will be very happy and make some great friends.

I definitely love this new mom life ❤


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