Gender Reveal Time!


We could not be any happier! I can finally stop calling him Baby C and start calling him my his name now….

Introducing our handsome little guy, Mason Joseph ❤

I’m slightly disappointed this image didn’t come out very clear, but we saw him very clearly on the screen 🙂


Our families are also very excited, especially my dad since he ended up with four girls and two granddaughters until now.  Baby Mason did the cutest thing while we were having the ultrasound done. He spread out every single toe on his foot and then closed his toes back together. Then he spread just the big toe out and closed his toes back together again. The Ultrasound Tech even took a little video of it for us to keep.

My original plan for our gender reveal photo failed miserably but I wanted to get the news out to everyone right away so we quickly improvised. I originally planned to sit down outside under a tree and blow a big blue bubble to reveal that it’s a boy, but the gum wasn’t cooperating with me. Every time I tried blowing a bubble it would pop 😦 Plus the gum wasn’t very blue once I started chewing it. We attempted to take the photo for about 10-15 minutes, but it was about 100 degrees outside so we gave up. I still think our photos turned out pretty cute.

Of course I started shopping immediately after hearing the news, but I haven’t gone too crazy….yet.

Here are a few adorable pieces I couldn’t pass up. Pants are from H&M and The onesies are from Old Navy.

6 7


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