Updated Dresser for Nursery

When Shawn goes out of town or is working on weekends I like to give myself projects to stay busy. He had drill this past weekend, so I decided it was time to take on a new project, the nursery room dresser.

We had Shawn’s old dresser sitting in our guest room, which was completely empty. I knew it would be perfect for the nursery, but it needing updating. As you can see, the top was basically used for storage. I had my owl collection sitting on it, which will be moved into the nursery as well.


Saturday Project Time

 I wanted to brighten it up but also bring in an earthy color as well. It is hard to tell in this dark picture, but it was painted a light gray with dark silver knobs. I decided to paint the bottom portion white and the top a dark brown.

Off to Home Depot I went.

Step 1: Picking out paint colors in a wold of options.

It was surprisingly easier than I expected. I decided on this color scheme. The tan will be the wall color, or at least a similar tone. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the names of the paint color until after I purchased them. Marshmallow white and bittersweet chocolate. Anyone that knows me well knows I have a big sweet tooth so these were just perfect for me. (Although I actually prefer dark chocolate)


Step 2: Painting

I moved the dresser to the backyard so I would have plenty of ventilation. I also purchased the low VOC paint and wore a mask and gloves just to be extra safe. Yes, our grass is dead thanks to the California drought.


Step 3: Drawer Knobs

On Sunday I added one more coat of paint on the drawers and it was time to pick out some new knobs. I found these gems online from World Market, perfect for the woodland nursery. I wasn’t sure if my local store would have them in stock, but they did and I got all four for $8.


Next I had to decide what knobs to put on the lower drawers. This ended up being my hardest decision. I couldn’t decide if I should go with a pretty glass knob or something simple. Finally after visiting three different stores, I decided on simple black knobs. I figured we can use these for a long time and I like the simplicity as well as bringing a touch of black into the room.



Step 4: Finished

Here is the final product! I love how it turned out.


My absolute favorite part about this dresser has to be the owl knobs!


This is unrelated to the dresser, but on Sunday I hit 15 weeks. The baby is now the size of an orange so I snapped this photo before i headed to church 🙂



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